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A New Physics by William Day

It is a rare occasion for a science book to come along that is as thought-provoking as this one. The author shows that there is another physics that is more appropriate than dynamics for describing the nature of matter and the composition of the universe. He contends that there is a three-stage hierarchy: particles, atoms, gravitational systems, all patterned on motion. A model is given for particles based on the principles of the new physics that is considerably simpler and more plausible than the quarks model.

The most astonishing feature of the book is that the author proposes a radically different worldview. This can be the shift in the paradigm that physics needs to extricate it from its paradoxical dilemmas.

A New Physics is available in hard cover published by Foundation for New Directions, Cambridge, MA. It consists of 208 pages plus an Appendix containing copies of original papers by Sagnac, Ives, and Gerber. Retail price: $27.95; Publisher's price: $19.95 plus shipping.

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